Post workout

This is the perfect place to start as proper post workout is the MOST IMPORTANT window in your training! It stacks Phormula-1 & Ignition together. Ignition will rapidly replenish glycogen which equates to muscle energy. At the same time, Phormula-1 is a rapid assimilation protein, which means it gets into the muscles very quickly and begins repairing them fast. You'll recover faster, reduce muscle soreness, muscles will feel fuller longer, and you'll feel better all throughout the day. 

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Pre Workout

Pre Workout

Experience next-level workouts with the powerful formula in MegaWatt V2. We know you will never stop improving…and neither will we! MegaWatt V2 was carefully formulated with precise blends of ingredients to give you unparalleled energy, incredible mental focus, and muscle endurance like you’ve never experienced.

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Branched Chained Amino Acids, perfect for intra-workout or throughout the day, are essential amino acids that increase muscle growth. They help prevent you from slipping into a catabolic state where you are losing that hard earned muscle. 

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Meal Replacement

Never miss a meal again. Level 1, makes it easy to increase protein or number of meals throughout your day. When you do that, you increase your metabolism and your muscles remain in an anabolic state throughout the day. This will make sure your muscles are adequately repaired and promote a leaner physique. Whether your goal is weight loss or muscle gain, you will benefit from Level 1!

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Stimulant Free Pre workout

Stimulant Free Preworkout

Increase the effectiveness of your training with AlphaCre HD. By forgoing stimulants, it eliminates the vaso-restrictive effect that these have on your blood stream prior to training, allowing an increase in blood flow, oxygen, amino acids directly to the muscle cells. More reps and more sets leads to more muscle. AlphaCre HD is a game changer when it comes to performance!

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Multi Vitamin

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There are many health issues that stem from deficiencies in micro-nutrients, and being low in them can cause some road blocks towards your fitness goals. Luckily you can get all your micro-nutrients in M-Factor. Since the demand for certain nutrients vary between men and women, there is a M-Factor to precisely meet each genders needs to increase overall health and speed up results.

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We Use What We Endorse

Theres's plenty off hype around supplements, with the surge of social media. 

I will tell you supplements do not work unless you do. They are not magic powders and pills, they are to supplement your diet and the thousands of functions functions your body goes thru to repair itself after training. 

Ask us how you can fit 1stPhorm supplements into your diet and training regiment.

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