Robert Boog | Shakey’s Madness: Does a Mental Health Disorder Reveal the “Real” William Shakespeare?

Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression) and Shakespeare, two historical icons that don’t exactly fit together like peanut butter and jelly. But what do they have in common? There are those of us that believe that William Shakespeare was a pen name for an author that had bipolar disorder.

Robert Boog is a Calfornia Real Estate Broker and owns a company based in Valencia.
A husband and father of two, he keeps himself busy with projects such as writing books and songs.

One of his latest pieces titled Shakey’s Madness explores the possibility that Shakespeare didn’t actually exist and instead was a pen name as the work might indicate that he was bipolar!
Learn a little bit more about this topic and Robert as we explore in a little more detail the context behind the speculations.

Is Shakespeare really who we all think he was?

Also, make sure to check out the links below for some of the other work by Robert including a tribute song that he wrote dedicated to the late great Kobe Bryant.

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